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i would like to co-blog on what only maths can do

for example only

5 maths designs what futures next generations of a place are locked into -at least that was my fathers lifetime work

4 what apps and open ecosystems are coded

3 whether any (alumni of a) world class system designer/ facilitator integrates whole truth transparently for all or excludes some either all the time or exponentially over time

2 whether architecture or engineering or science is safe and humanly conscious -prove that if a scientist says everything is now known in his silo then he's either not modeling micro enough or not connecting other disciplines - einetein and von neumann

1 explore recursively where human calculations can do creation that computers never can (turing)

0 verify what minimum golden rules unite all sustainable faiths (or cultural heroes) in joy of next generation aligned with natures evolutionary rules

00 clarify where lawyers and other professionals/politicians are causing terror and fear and greed and separation by claiming a monopoly over judgement that is less and less true to future possibilities caused by an era's greatest changes

at least i think i am right in saying so- but would be happy to learn where i am overclaiming for maths

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Friday, March 11, 2016

I am interested that mathematician, professor of medicine, peace/ reconciliation connector sans frontieres, and my good friend paul komesaroff since 2003 is involved in the battle for the future purpose of the Royal Australian College of Medicine.

 I am wondering if there are any ways our youth, supercity, conscientious healthcare and other sustainability movements could help. For example, is there any national institute of health that hasnt lost its way? If so, how could educators and youth urgently learn from it?

Back in 1984 my father argued that the future value of healthcare could be seen as a litmus test for purposes of all global markets - whether the integenerational investment in a knowledge networked world would lead to sustainability purposes or be big brothered to a very different end game. Dad's deadline for exponential irreversibility was 2025 give or take a few years. Looking at this through the eyes of 2016, i don't now a serious mathematician who would argue we have more time than that.

To my neighbors in the DC-Maryland region: If we dont address this transformational question while the world bank is led by one of health's for the poorest greatest heroes and Pope Frnacis' friend Jim Kim, i doubt the whole truth realisation of any of the sustainability goals will ever again be integral to American Reality.

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searching mathematician komesaroff

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